Real Estate Management

Managing all aspects of real estate

To realize the long-term value of real estate, Paragon draws upon its depth of experience within all aspects of real estate ownership.

Asset Management: Managing assets toward greater prosperity
Developing, acquiring, improving, and the disposition of real estate requires a strategy for growth and success. Paragon has a proven track record of maximizing property values to increase returns. With diverse and responsive strategies that adjust to changing needs, Paragon finds a real estate path that mitigates risk and enhances value. Paragon navigates the complex tax, legal, and accounting requirements governing U.S. real estate investments that involve loan modifications, restructuring, tax ramifications, and more.

Property Management: Making properties work harder
Paragon manages commercial properties with an owner’s eye. Whether managing their own properties or those of third-party owners/investors, Paragon goes far beyond traditional property management services to keep properties running profitably. Paragon offers comprehensive assistance with financing, redevelopment, legal and tax matters, and construction management. Whatever the property need may be, Paragon provides the expertise needed to ensure long-term growth of this valuable asset.

Third-Party Properties: Partnering for greater success
When third-party owners desire assistance with real estate acquisition and/or development, or are seeking support for existing holdings, Paragon can help. The Paragon team’s extensive real estate experience in all facets of real estate—development and construction, property acquisition, ownership, and asset management—works to maximize the value of real estate for long-term financial success.